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Acne and
Oily Skin Treatment

The triad of acne, oily skin and clogged pores is a form of chronic skin condition that may result in long term physical acne scarring, as well as, a hit to your confidence if left untreated. Acne is caused by bacteria that settles in the pores of the skin. It is prominent in areas such as face, chest, back or even scalp as these areas tend to produce more sebum and clogged pores.

This condition doesn’t just affect teenagers, but adults as well, and can be brought on by environmental conditions, as well as stress. Types of treatment depend on the severity of each person’s condition but a combination treatment is strongly recommended in order to deal with acne more effectively.

Acne and Oily Skin Treatment | CuraMed Aesthetics

What causes Acne and Oily skin?

There are several factors that can cause oily skin. While some people naturally produces more oil, the excess production can also be due to stress and changing hormonal levels during puberty.

Other factors, like a humid environment (here in sunny Singapore), contraceptives and genes can cause excess sebum. Sebum and oil are responsible in lubricating our hair and skin.

Clogged pores, comedones – blackheads or whiteheads are formed due to accumulation of excessive sebum and dead skin cells within the pores. This will lead to bumpy and rough skin texture

They are more prone to bacterial infection which can result in long term redness, scars and acne marks that stays for a long time, thus, effective treatment is important in preventing the condition from worsening.

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** The results of treatment varies depending on the severity of the skin condition**

What are the different types of treatments available?

Carbon Laser Peel | CuraMed Aesthetics

Carbon Laser Peel

Carbon laser peel is a highly effective laser acne scar treatment in Singapore. To control sebum production and kill bacteria within the pores. Debris within the pores will be removed leaving behind softer and clearer skin. Carbon laser peel is also able to improve mild acne scars, enlarged pores, and hyperpigmentation as well.

Chemical Peel | CuraMed Aesthetics

Chemical Peel


A solution specially formulated with exfoliation in mind. But do you know it can also brighten pigmented skin? This will leave you with a rejuvenated look, with minimal downtime, and brief aftereffects of redness with a recommendation to limit sun exposure.

Aquapure Deep Cleanse Treatment | CuraMed Aesthetics

Aquapure Deep Cleansing Treatment

Reaching down to your pores with gentle suction to extract unwanted sebaceous content in them, reducing excess oil on your skin. It is also deeply cleansing, removing dead skin, and unblocking pores to reduce the chance of acne.

Skincare Solutions | CuraMed Aesthetics

Skincare Solutions

A range of professional skincare customised for acne oily skin is able to compliment all aesthetic treatments to improve oily skin, enlarged pores and acne related conditions.

Acne Removal FAQs

How many types of acnes are there?

There are several types of acne:

Papules: Skin around the pores usually appears in pink. This is due to pores breaking down from severe inflammation. 

Pustules: Contains yellowish pus and often occurs due to clogging of pores and infection.

Nodules: Hard lumps appear deep in the skin. It may lead to permanent and severe scarring without treatment.

Cystic acne: Appears with large red and white bumps, often formed from severe infection. 

How do acnes form?

Acne forms when oil, bacteria, dead skin and debris are blocking the pores. Read more on how to manage your acne caused by oily skin here.

What is the best treatment to remove acnes?

The acne treatment provided includes carbon laser peel, chemical peel, Aquapure deep cleansing treatment and skincare solutions. Our doctor will recommend the most effective treatment for your skin condition.

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