Acne & Oily Skin

Acne and oily skin is a form of chronic condition that very often require combination of treatments to control the acne condition. Scarring can be prevented by seeking treatment early.

Acne Scars

Acne scars are classified into different categories. Scars can be treated or improve once the active acne condition is under control. Acne scars will require multiple sessions of treatment to resurface uneven skin and reduce skin discolouration. Certain treatment may lead to a short downtime of 3-5 days.

Enlarged Pores & Dull Skin

Pore enlargement is usually due to overproduction of sebum and accumulation of comedones (white and blackheads). Treatment and home care is important to compliment each other to maintain clear and flawless skin.

Pigmentation & Age Spots

Frequent sun exposure with no sun protection will lead to accumulation of pigments under the skin. As we age, pigmentation will be more obvious and it will be difficult to tackle if pigments is left untreated for years. Whitening agents will be required to improve the efficacy and efficiency of laser treatments.

Threadlift (Face & Nose)

Skin laxity or sagging skin is unavoidable during the aging process. This minimally invasive procedure can help to tighten your skin without a surgical facelift. Threads can also be used to improve the nose-bridge, giving you a sharper and taller nose without a surgical rhinoplasty.

Tired & Puffy Eyes

There is no cure to puffy eyes or dark eye-circles. The tired looking eyes that we have is often caused by loss of fat pad under our eyes during the aging process. Bone resorption around the area is also causing us to look exhausted over time. This can be treated by putting small amount of dermal fillers (Hyaluronic acid) to the sunken area called the tear trough. This simple procedure will make you look refreshed instantly with minimal downtime.

Facial Contouring with Fillers

Aging features that we often encounter include sunken under-eye area, deep nasolabial folds, droopy jowls at the corner of the mouth (marionatte lines), uneven and bony forehead, sunken temples and cheeks. This is due to the loss of natural fat pads and bone resorption leading to uneven depressions over our face. These sunken areas can be corrected with dermal fillers, giving you a fuller and more youthful look.

Jaw Slimming & Chin Filler

Square jaw, grumpy or receding chin are common features that we observe in Asians. Active and strong massater muscles (squarish jaw) can be treated by botulinum toxin A (such as dysport or xeomin). Together with fillers over the chin, an oval or a V-shape face can easily achievable; giving you a more lovable and feminine face shape.

Hair and Scalp Conditions

There are different causes for male and female pattern hair loss. Common causes include acute stress, hormonal changes and underlying medical conditions. Treatment options: - Oral medications - Supplements - Topical products: Shampoo, Hair serum, Spray

Wrinkle Reduction

Wrinkles are formed due to the active movements of our facial muscles over the years. Small amount of Botulinum toxin such as Dysport or Xeomin is able deduce the nerve impulses that causes muscle contractions over the wrinkled area. Results is visible within the first 2 weeks of treatment. Botulinum toxin is also an effective treatment for jaw slimming, browlift, liquid facelift, muscle twitching, hyperhydrosis and more.

Tattoo Removal

Considering to remove your tattoo? The effectiveness of laser tattoo removal depends on the type of ink and the colour of the tattoo itself. Multiple sessions of treatment is required and down time is expected after treatment.

Minor Surgeries

We offer safe and effective minor surgical procedures such as removal of small skin lesions, moles, skin tags, syringoma, warts and more. Local or topical anaesthesia has to be administered prior to the procedure to ensure that the surgical procedure is comfortable.


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