V Face

- Oct 1, 2021

Facial Contouring or V Face

What Is Facial Contouring? Having a v-shaped jawline, plump and full cheeks while minimising wrinkles is the gold-standard of Asian beauty. However, it can be difficult to achieve without professional help, especially as many Asian faces tend to be square or have more muscles near the jawline. At our clinic, we offer a variety of treatments to help you achieve a smaller, slimmer face. How Can You Achieve A Slimmer Face Shape/Jawline? To achieve a slimmer jawline, the muscles around the jaw need to be relaxed. Asians tend to have square jaws due to strong jaw muscles in that area creating a stocky silhouette. Botulinum Toxin A, is a protein produced by certain species of bacterium. The botulinum toxin brands that are approved in Singapore are Dysport, Botox, and Xeomin. How Does Botox Work? It blocks selected chemical signals from nerves, mostly signals which cause muscles to contract. Injecting Botulinum Toxin A into the jaw muscles relaxes the jaw muscles and prevent them from contracting and becoming bulky, which then creates a shaper, slender V-shaped face that is the most desired facial silhouette that most people look for. How Can You Achieve A More Defined/Sharper Chin? To achieve a sharper, defined or pronounced chin, we offer chin fillers, which may help lengthen and project the chin forward to enchance the facial profile from front and side views. Fillers may also help to even skin texture such as dimpling or “pebbled” skin in the area that is often caused by