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Aesthetic Face Treatment Singapore

Your face is the first thing people notice.

If you have any blemishes, acne, or signs of aging on it, we understand your worries. Do reach out to find out about our wide range of face treatments to suit different needs.

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Aesthetic Face Treatment


Threadlift (Face and Nose)

With aging comes sagging, and flaccid skin, especially on parts of your face. However, these can be alleviated using a thread lift! Non-surgical, with minimum downtime, and stimulating collagen production, even more reasons to consider this treatment.


Jaw Slimming and Chin Fillers

For a slimmer and sharper jaw, you may want to look at this treatment! Using BTX and/or chin fillers, we can help you achieve your desired aestheticism. Minimally invasive, with reversible results, and little downtime, it’s hard to see why this can be an attractive choice.