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Face Slimming in Singapore


Though we are born with various face shapes, some of us desire to have slim facial features. If you’re one of the few who has the desire to achieve a slim face, you’ll be glad to know there are many treatments for face slimming in Singapore.

The popular face slimming feature most people desire would be a V Shape Face. There are various surgical and non-surgical procedures to achieve a V Shape Face.

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V Shape Face

What is a V Shape Face?

A V Shape Face refers to a defined jawline, chin and slim cheeks. It is similar to a V-line face where the chin is relatively sharp towards the end. Many people wish to have a V Shape Face in Singapore due to how it can enhance the overall features of the face. This makes them look younger and boosts their femininity. In other words, a V Shape Face will make someone look more attractive.

Face Slimming in Singapore Treatments

At Curamed Aesthetics, we offer the following treatments for face slimming in Singapore. Before proceeding with any of these treatments for a V Shape Face, our skin doctor will provide consultation to diagnose a personalized treatment based on your current condition as well as overall expectations.

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Chin Fillers

Chin fillers are also another popular treatment for face slimming in Singapore. This procedure involves injections and tightening the muscles while adding the right volume to the chin. The idea of chin fillers is to create an illusion of a slimmer face as it will make your chin more defined.

There is a standard of 6 points to inject chin fillers for a perfect chin. The doctor will advise on which points to inject on your chin as every individual is different. Hence, more volume will only be added to the specific areas required to suit your overall facial features.

With Chin Fillers, you can expect quick results as you’ll notice a change in your appearance within an hour. Most clinics that offer various methods for face slimming in Singapore will recommend chin fillers for patients who wish to achieve a more attractive aesthetic look without going under the knife.

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One of the most common treatments for face slimming in Singapore is BTX. This treatment work by reducing the jaw muscle size and making it look slimmer using injections.

The muscle around the jaw, known as the masseter, will be injected with BTX. When the masseter muscle is overused, it will cause the jaw to look square-shaped and big in size. With the help of BTX, it’ll reduce the size of the masseter muscle so it will look smaller, thus making your face look slimmer.

BTX is also highly effective for those who regularly go through Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, lockjaws or muscle spasms. Ideally, those with a strong jaw or who regularly experience Bruxism should undergo BTX.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Face Slimming in Singapore

How does face slimming in Singapore work?

Face slimming treatments in Singapore work by slowing down the muscles around the jaw and reducing the size of the muscles along the jawline. This helps the jaw to relax, thus, making it look relatively slimmer.


How long does face slimming last?

After most face slimming treatments, it would last for around 5 to 6 months.


Are there any side effects for these face slimming treatments in Singapore?

Overall, there won’t be any significant long-term side effects after undergoing face slimming treatments. At the most, you will only experience slight swelling or bruising. You will be given a numbing cream to reduce the soreness.


Are there any alternatives other than treatments for face slimming in Singapore?

Other than face slimming treatments, you can also consider using other methods such as face slimming exercises or masks. These will help to firm your muscles around the jaw and reduce the swelling of muscles.

** The results of treatment varies depending on the severity of the skin condition**

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