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Tattoo Removal

If you have regrets about a tattoo, you can take comfort that they aren’t permanent as some may say. We provide tattoo removal services, and no matter your reasons why you want it gone, we are here to help.

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Reasons why you may want a tattoo removed

Job Requirements

Certain industries such as law enforcement and education have a stricter policy regarding tattoos compared to others. If your ink is in a location easily covered up such as the back, or shoulders, then it may not present a problem. But if it’s in a prominent location such as your face or knuckles, then you may want it removed.

Change in tastes

Our personalities, likes, and dislikes most probably have changed compared to years ago, and that “edgy” or “cute” tattoo that you have, may make you cringe instead of proud. If you find it impacting your confidence or self-perception, then it may be for the best to get it removed.

It is poorly done

If your tattoo isn’t what you expected, or worse, you find yourself hiding it due to shame, then you might want to think of getting rid of it. Some people have made the mistake of going to a poorly skilled tattoo artist, and instead of a detailed image that they proudly show, it turned into a mess which they cover up.

How does tattoo removal work?

How does tattoo removal work? | CuraMed Aesthetics

It works by using a laser to break up the ink pigments in the skin which will then be removed by your body naturally. A common laser used is Q-switched Nd-Yag. It may take multiple sessions, depending on the complexity of the tattoo, its size, and its colours. Tattoos in red and green, need more sessions compared to those in black.

Anesthetic cream is applied 20 minutes before the treatment to keep discomfort to the lowest level possible. However, if you’re worried about the pain, you may discuss with your doctor the option of oral painkillers.

Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to do before my session?

● Ensure the to-be-treated area is clean and free from makeup, moisturizer, and lotions.
● Wear loose-fitting clothing so it doesn’t rub against the area after each treatment
● Stop or reduce smoking as it may affect how long it takes to heal


How many sessions will it take to remove a tattoo?

Tattoo removal often require multiple sessions, and the efficiency of tattoo removal depends on the colour of the tattoo, the area that is tattooed and the skin colour of the person. Of course, there are other factors involved. Colours like red and green ink are the longest to get rid off as they do not absorb energy as well as black ink.


What should I avoid after each session?

Avoid swimming, baths, and hot tubs. Don’t expose the area to the sun too much, while also cutting down on alcohol and cigarettes.


What should I do after each session?

Keep the area bandaged and clean for 48 hours, while applying moisturizer to keep the area from being too dry while it heals. If you want to maximize your comfort level, you can apply a cold compress too.


How long is the downtime?

You can return to your day right after treatment and may choose to return to work on the same day or the day after.


How many days do I wait before the next session?

4 to 6 weeks, for the area, to heal completely.


Is there any scarring?

Tattoo removal can be painful as the pulses breaking up the pigments are like mini explosions occurring in your skin. Risks of scarring varies depending on individual skin type and ability to recover after tattoo removal. You will need to take care of the wound for a few weeks before returning for the next session.


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