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Nose Threadlift

Do you know? The features of your nose can now be changed without surgery. Developments in aesthetics and technology have made it possible for the non-surgical and minimally invasive treatment known as thread lifts. The nose is located at the centre of the face, and it's the first feature that people notice. Hence, why it's essential to balance our features.

Without any need for invasive surgery such as implants, threadlifts can elevate the bridge and tip of the nose. It can have the nose appear higher, straighter, and more defined.

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How does this procedure work?

It is noninvasive, has predictable results, and not permanent in case you aren’t satisfied! There is no surgery involved with the use of threads. These threads are incredibly fine and will be placed horizontally along your nasal bridge for height, and septum for projection. They will help shape the nose into your desired aesthetic, as well as, encourage the production of collagen which will go to providing a long-lasting, and natural-looking lift for your nose.


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Frequently Asked Questions

● You want a natural look but don’t prefer surgery
● You want a low-risk option that’s also minimally invasive

No matter the reason for choosing this treatment, we at CuraMed Medical & Aesthetics, are committed to helping you achieve your most aesthetic self!

Up to 18 months, and with the stimulation of collagen production, some permanent lifting may take place.

15 to 30 minutes, which earned it the nickname of “lunchtime nose job”

At least 2 weeks before the appointment:

1. Refrain from taking any blood-thinning supplements, including aspirin, anti-inflammatory medication (such as ibuprofen), vitamin E supplements, and any other blood-thinning medications.

2. Consume a diet rich in green, leafy vegetables to increase your vitamin K levels which will reduce your chances of bruising,

2weeks after the appointment:

Avoid strenuous exercises

1 week after the appointment:

Sleep in a posture that does not place pressure on your nose

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