Tired Eyes, Dark Eye Circles & “Eye Bags” Treatment

Stress and fatigue are just some of the many reasons why people have dark eye circles. Dark eye circles can make you appear older than you are, and they can also be a sign of health problems.

While most people tend to cover dark eye circles with cosmetic products like concealer, there are actually treatments that can help to eliminate or at least reduce the appearance of dark eye circles.

Understanding Dark Eye Circles

Dark circles often coexist with eyebags that show puffiness and under-eye bags. A dark eye circle can be annoying, stressful, and embarrassing.

How Do We Get Dark Eye Circles?

While ageing and fatigue seem to be the most well-known causes of dark eye circles, there are many other potential causes that are often overlooked. Some of them do not necessarily require medical attention, while some other causes might be an indication of a serious underlying medical condition.

Here are some potential causes:


Ageing is definitely one of the main causes of dark eye circles. The loss of volume and fat pads under the eye (tear trough) as we age will always make us look old, haggard and exhausted. The skin under the eyes is usually thinner and more delicate, so the blood vessels below will be more visible. That changes the colour of the skin to a reddish, greenish or even purplish colour to make the under eye area look darker than usual. In addition, sebaceous glands around the eye area will also produce less oil (sebum), which can lead to dehydration and dryness as well.



Allergies are also one of the most common causes of dark eye circles. When you’re suffering from allergies, your body produces excess histamine in response to an allergen or irritant that has come into contact with your body. This results in inflammation and swelling around the eyes, which causes blood vessels to dilate and fill up with blood, making them appear darker than normal.

Sun Exposure

Sun damage to the skin is known to accelerate the ageing process. Sun exposure increases melanin production and leads to hyperpigmentation and formation of wrinkles around the eyes, worsening the appearance of dark eye circles.



Smoking affects the elasticity of the skin and can also accelerate the ageing process. This is because smoking decreases the amount of collagen in your skin, which makes it thinner and less elastic. This results in highly visible dark eye circles.

Iron Deficiency


You could also have dark eye circles because of an iron deficiency. Anaemia is one of the most common causes of dark eye circles. You can tell if this condition affects you by looking at your fingernails. Spoon nails are a symptom of anaemia that causes the fingernails to become soft, thin, and curved inward.

Lack of Sleep

Sleep deprivation can cause dark circles due to the depletion of fluids that occurs during sleep. This causes blood vessels to become more visible, and there will be a darker appearance around the eyes.

Common Dark Eye Circles Treatments

No matter what causes your dark circles, it’s important to take care of the skin around your eyes. If you have dark circles, there are plenty of treatment options available for you to choose from.

Here are some of the most common dark eye circle treatment options:

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CuraMed Dark Eye Circles Treatment in Singapore


Here at CuraMed, we utilise effective practices. One of the most common treatments we offer is the use of dermal fillers. These dermal fillers use hyaluronic acid, which is a substance that is naturally produced by our bodies. Hyaluronic acid works to attract and bind water molecules to the skin, providing volume and hydration. It also helps the body to respond to injuries and assists in decreasing the swelling around the eyes.

This makes it an ideal solution for dark circles around the eyes, where there is a lack of volume and hydration. With the use of dermal fillers, we can restore and improve the appearance of these dark circles by injecting them under your eyes. The treatment takes less than six minutes, and there is no downtime or recovery time needed, so you can get back to your normal life right after the treatment. We recommend getting the treatment every 9 to 12 months to achieve optimal results.


Ultherapy is another option. It is an FDA-cleared treatment that uses ultrasound technology to tighten the skin around your eyes and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It’s a non-invasive collagen stimulation treatment that targets the deep tissue under your skin to lift and tighten the skin around your eyes.

Laser Treatments

Hyperpigmentation under the eyes or surrounding skin can be lightened by using laser treatments. Lasers can help to break down the unwanted pigments and smoothen out dead skin that has been building up around the eyes, so the skin colour can be brightened up by using laser devices.

Topical Creams

Using the right cream for antiageing and hydration around the eye is important to improve and prevent worsening dark eye circles. Ingredients such as antioxidants or peptides are able to lift and improve skin texture by boosting collagen formation, smoothening, and hydrating skin around the eyes.

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