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What is a V Shape Face?

What is a V Shape Face? | Curamed Aesthetics

Though each face shape has its charm, there’s something about the V shape that enhances your face‘s appeal, giving it a young lively, revitalised, as well as elegant appearance.  With a V shape face, you can easily carry off practically any haircut, hairdo, and makeup look.

If you are longing for this facial shape, we have a few V shape face procedures for you, right here at Curamed Aesthetics.

What is a V Shape Face?

A V Shape Face is a slim and oval shape that narrows to a point at the chin. It resembles a V-line face with a relatively pointed chin at the end.

Many individuals dream of having a V Shape Face as it can enhance the overall features of the face. This helps them appear younger and more feminine. In short, this visually pleasing face shape allows people to seem good from all angles.

How to Achieve a V Shape Face?

To achieve a V Shape Face, you will need to undergo one of our Face Slimming in Singapore Treatments: Chin Filler and BTX. Before you proceed with any of these V Shape Face treatments, our skin specialist will conduct a consultation to determine a personalised treatment plan based on your current condition and overall expectations.

These treatments assist in facial contouring, slimming, and skin tightening to achieve a well-defined jaw, smaller jaw muscles, narrow cheekbones, and a pointed chin. This also softens the look of the jaw, transforming a square-shaped face to become a more feminine V shape, resulting in a younger and more appealing facial shape.

What is the V Shape Face Treatment Procedure?

Depending on the individual, the procedure may take up to 1 hour if intensive treatments are required. Our skin specialist will begin with a facial evaluation and mapping to determine the target areas. The additional volume will only be added to the specific areas needed to complement your overall facial features.

You will experience minimal discomfort, however, we do provide numbing cream or local anaesthetic if you want your procedure as comfortable as possible.

V Shape Face Treatment Aftercare

The V Shape Face treatment aftercare varies according to the type of treatment received. It is normal to experience mild redness, bruising, and swelling at the targeted treatment areas, but clients may be certain that our skin specialist will devise an aftercare plan that encourages rapid recovery with minimal discomfort at the treatment sites.

How Much Does a V Shape Face Treatment Cost?

The cost will vary based on the type of treatment and any further or extensive procedures required to obtain the desired and optimal outcomes. We at Curamed Aesthetics are all about customer satisfaction, so you will get the best bang for your buck.

V Shape Face in Singapore

If you’ve been considering a V Shape Face treatment, Curamed Aesthetics provides Face Slimming in Singapore. We offer free consultations so you can go over your desired outcome and get solutions to any queries you may have ahead of your procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions for V Shape Face in Singapore

  • How soon can you see the results?

The results are almost immediate, so you will notice finer and more defined facial features very shortly following your first session with us. However, the result may differ depending on the individual.


  • How long will the V Shape Face last?

Depending on grinding habits and metabolic rate, the results can last up to 6 months. To maintain the desired effect, clients usually repeat the procedure every 6 months.


  • Is the treatment painful?

The pain is bearable and minimal. Inform our skin doctor about your level of tolerance before treatment so that numbing cream or local anaesthetic can be used as needed to guarantee that you feel at ease throughout the treatment.


  • Are there any side effects of the V Shape Face Treatment?

There are various possible side effects, including mild bruising and swelling that will go away after a few days. You can rest assured that these procedures are entirely safe.